Moving towards the light

Silver lining, 30″W x 40″ H

Better together diptych 40Wx24HBetter together, 40W x 24H diptych
$1,920 CDN

Summer picnic 30x30
Summer picnic 30″W x 30″H
$1,800 CDN

Keep looking, 36″W x 36″ H
$2600 CDN

The eureka effect 12W x 16H

Eureka effect, 12″W x 16″H
$380 CDN

Art from imperfection 48Wx30H

Art from imperfection, 48″W x 36″H
$3500 CDN

Measured thought 16Wx20H
Measured thought, 16″W x 20″H

Refracted light 36Wx36HRefracted light, 36″W x 36″H

Never colour in the lines 48Wx40HNever colour in the lines, 48″W x 40″H
$3840 CDN

Land, at last 48Wx30HLand at last, 48″W x 36″H
$3500 CDN

Less is more or less 48Wx30HLess is more or less, 48″W x 30″H, diptych
$2,880 CDN

Towards the light quadriptych
Towards the light quadriptych, 72″W x 72″H (add 1″ gap)
$10,400 CDN

In retrospect, 48″W x 48″H
$4,600 CDN

Paper Trail 30x30
Paper trail 30″W x 30″H
$1,800 CDN