Devolution 2023

It’s twenty twenty three and there’s an alarming acceleration towards human devolution. Where evolution is a progression of adaptation to new and changing environments, devolution is progress towards non-humanity – a “moving out of the picture”, handing our humanity over to technology and replacing our uniqueness with AI fed by the inane, insane, mundane garbage we search for, mixed in with useful data. Are we coming or going? Are we becoming nonhuman, unhuman, vacant lots? Are we passé? Is our DNA decoded or are we becoming encoded?

“Tenuous”, 30″W x 40″H, acrylic on canvas, $3,400

Decoded Encoded” 30″W x 30″H, acrylic/graphite on canvas, $2,550

“I wrote a letter to my love…(without ChatGPT)“, 24″W x 24″H, acrylic on panel, $2,300

“In here somewhere”, 24″W x 24″H, acrylic on panel, $2,300

Untitled, 42″W x 36″H, Not for Sale