Peek in my studio

It’s always nice to see how a painting evolves, where and how an artist works, or get insights into what the artist was thinking or trying to say. You can do that here.

Paintings from the “Traces” series

The Traces series explores the hints and clues we find from what’s gone before – like memories and physical evidence in the form of fragments and outlines.

Traces are often obscured by layers and other distractions.

Traces are also in the present and lead to the future, like maps that trace a journey, for example.

My paintings are named with words that fit the concept of traces. I feel quite strongly that paintings should be named to help the viewer understand it a little. Even if the name is obscure it’s sound may provoke some kind of connection.

Here’s how some of my works have evolved:


SharonHabibArt 3


SharonHabibArt 2


SharonHabibArt 1


Where I get my inspiration

I’m inspired by many beautiful things – other artists’ work, weathered walls, textured surfaces in nature, aerial landscapes (I love how the land is broken up into a quilt), and more.