South African born Sharon Habib draws her influences from the texture and the patterns of cityscapes, aerial landscapes and the evolution of decay in nature. Although she has been mentored by artist Val Green (South Africa), she is largely self-taught. Beginning with a natural tendency to work realistically, she changed course embarking on the challenging journey of working abstractly. In this 15-year journey in the world of abstract where there are no rules our boundaries to guide, her work has been shaped by the love of texture and the balance and harmony between shape and non-shape.

Sharon’s paintings have found their way to the UK, USA, Canada and South Africa. An emerging artist, she has exhibited at the West Vancouver Municipal Hall, Ferry Gallery and the Harmony Arts Festival in 2011 and 2012.

Sharon co-founded an Artist’s Meetup where five local artists exchange ideas, lend support and learn together. She lives with her husband on Canada’s west coast.

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