How do you feel?

The title of this post immediately brings Bob Dylan’s song to mind. But that’s not what I wanted to write about.

Art should make you feel something, however subtle. Is it calming, energizing, churning, disconcerting, uplifting?

When choosing art for a particular space it’s good to consider first what type of feeling you want before you decide on whether you want abstract or representational art. Then find a piece that best conjures that feeling for you.

In any given abstract piece, you may find different areas of the painting evoke different feelings. That can be quite interesting. These feelings can be created by different brush gestures, techniques, colours or even shapes. Overall the painting may have a dominant feeling.

I’m often drawn to art that reminds me of the goodness of life or that gives me space to breathe, regenerate and refresh. Other times I like edgy art that makes me go “Yeah baby, let’s give it a go!” I’ll feel differently at different times.

Paintings that don’t have feelings are often just flat – even dead. Perhaps too technically executed. They’re anatomically correct but then, well, so are cadavers!

Let art make your heart soar.


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