Balancing calm with enough detail to hold the gaze

I am drawn to abstract art has “depth” or “maturity” in that there are many layers and working into them to create depth and interest. What I hope to achieve in my own work is that depth, yet overall simplicity of composition. To create that sense of calm but with enough interest to hold the viewer is my ultimate goal, and a very challenging one, indeed.

Art is work. Good art is darned hard work.

People think that my hobby (making abstract art)  is fun. It’s not. It’s darned hard work. In fact, if it were a paying job I’d probably resign! It’s absolutely true to say that my day job is less of a slog than painting. Yet I keep doing it and no one is forcing me so I’ll shut up before it sounds like I’m complaining!

I’ve learned that what Chuck Close says is absolutely true:  “Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work”